Why do plastics stand up better than other materials in food processing applications

nylatech-feb-foodprocessingThe food processing industry has very stringent rules and regulations, and for obviously good reasons. This is why it’s so important that your food manufacturing parts and machinery are made with food-grade material. Cast nylon plastics are commonly used in conveying, packaging, bottling, and canning machinery parts and are...
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Where to find Nylatech in the Community

nylatech-blog-novemberThose who know us, know that Nylatech is passionate about plastics – specifically cast nylon. What you may not know is that we’re also passionate about work-life balance, the environment and educational opportunities. At Nylatech, we value work-life balance and look for ways for our team to have a little...
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How Performance Plastics contribute to environmentally friendly goals

nylatech-aug-blogPlastic has gotten a bad reputation in the news and on social media recently. Generally, people are referring to single-use consumer plastics (like cups, straws, and product packaging). That doesn’t mean that we, as a fabricator of cast nylon parts for many different industries, shouldn’t also take steps...
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Product Profile: Nylatech Oil

nylon-oilWhen maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible, Nylatech Oil provides true lubrication at the bearing surface. This special formulation limits moisture absorption, making it well-suited for submerged products or critical tolerance applications. Ideal Applications:
  • General purpose bearings and bushings
  • To replace stainless steel in food processing (Natural Oil)
  • Bottling,...
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Product Profile: Nylatech Cast Nylon

sheet-inventoryNylatech has earned a reputation as an internationally respected manufacturer of Cast Nylon 6 and 6/12. Our full line manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce all your stock shapes (tubular, rod, and plate stock), and produce semi-finished and finished custom cast components. Here are the Nylatech Cast Nylon products...
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