Industry profile: Marine

marine plasticsAt Nylatech we’re proud to work with the marine industry for their plastic part needs. Marine applications require strong parts that can withstand rough ocean conditions. Our materials are successfully replacing traditionally metal parts and are outlasting their metal counterparts in high exposure marine environments. Here are some benefits...
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We’ll be at IAPD 2018. Will you?

Nylatech will be attending this year’s IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distribution) Leadership Development Conference to learn from and train with plastics industry leaders and network with other association members. The event features powerful leaderships trainings, introductions from IAPD leadership, committee meetings, and well as plenty of networking opportunities throughout the 3-day conference. We’re particularly excited to...
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Built-in Oil Lubrication

Nylatech's Self Lubricating Materials are offered for applications where maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible. Different grades have been formulated to work optimally for general purpose, FDA, high load, and increased wear and/or abrasion applications: 1. NYLATECH® OIL Offers:
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced "Slip-Stick"
  • Low Moisture Adsorption
  • Reduced or Eliminated need for Lubrication
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Tips to Survive Black Friday!

LOCATION! Scout out a parking lot ahead of time and carpool to save frustration. Stay calm and watch for pedestrians. HANDS FREE Wear a cross-body/messenger bag so you don't get loaded down with your own belongings and have a free hand for parcels and performing transactions. ADVANCE STAKEOUT Check the internet and scope out mall and store layouts before heading...
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The Power of Nylatech Power 6

nylatech spetember news


The load-bearing capacity of steel with the durability, abrasion resistance, wear resistance and noise reduction of nylon.
Nylatech's Power 6 offers the best of...
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