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Built-in Oil Lubrication

Nylatech's Self Lubricating Materials are offered for applications where maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible. Different grades have been formulated to work optimally for general purpose, FDA, high load, and increased wear and/or abrasion applications: 1. NYLATECH® OIL Offers:
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced "Slip-Stick"
  • Low Moisture Adsorption
  • Reduced or Eliminated need for Lubrication
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Avoid Off-Cuts, Waste and Unnecessary Machining

With our abilities with near-net casting - you can avoid two costly manufacturing expenses:
  1. Added time finishing and machining
  2. Useless off-cuts and and waste
  So what is "near-net casting"? intricate-part-nylonNear net casting is an industrial manufacturing technique where the initial production of the item is very close to the final shape,...
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Looking forward to the IAPD Convention in October

iapd-300x200Nylatech is excited to be attending this year’s International Association of Plastics Distribution 60th Annual Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. This diamond anniversary celebration promises to be like no other. We’ll celebrate our accomplishments over the last 60 years as well as look forward...
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Chain Guides are Better in Plastic

chain Decades ago, it would have been surprising to see a plastic chain guide in any industry, let alone in a heavy duty conveyor environment; but now it seems that those dealing with chain-driven equipment have embraced the benefits. Plastic chain guides are known for their ability to reduce...
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Sealing with Nylon

valve Valves and seals made of nylon consistently outperform their rubber and metal counterparts. They last longer, can be pre-coloured (no painting) and can take the same amount of pressure (and then some) of components made of other materials. Due to its unique chemical composition, nylon is self-lubricating and...
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Agriculture’s Need for Nylon

agriculture Despite the images the term agriculture conjures up for others, those in and related to the industry know it is far more fast-paced and involves a great deal more mechanical aspects than the commonly idealized scene of a cow lazily standing in a field. Farmers and growers work hard...
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Better in the Sun

sun dogOne of the reasons many cast nylon products are so flexible in their useage is that they are UV resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The durability and natural lubrication has made cast nylon ideal for replacing rubber and metal parts that wear out...
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