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How Performance Plastics contribute to environmentally friendly goals

nylatech-aug-blogPlastic has gotten a bad reputation in the news and on social media recently. Generally, people are referring to single-use consumer plastics (like cups, straws, and product packaging). That doesn’t mean that we, as a fabricator of cast nylon parts for many different industries, shouldn’t also take steps...
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Avoid Off-Cuts, Waste and Unnecessary Machining

With our abilities with near-net casting - you can avoid two costly manufacturing expenses:
  1. Added time finishing and machining
  2. Useless off-cuts and and waste
  So what is "near-net casting"? intricate-part-nylonNear net casting is an industrial manufacturing technique where the initial production of the item is very close to the final shape,...
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IAPD Honors Dale Delmage

Dale-PaulDavis-AwardNylatech is proud to share that Dale Delmage, our President/CEO was presented with the 2015 Paul Davis Award of Merit at the 59th Annual International Association of Plastics Distribution Convention in San Diego. Delmage was honored for his many years of outstanding personal and professional contributions...
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