3 Asks from Nylatech for this July 4

Nylatech 4thJulyJuly marks the official start of the second half of 2020. Those first 6 months were quite the whirlwind, weren’t they?

To kick off the second half of the year, let start on a more positive note. As you celebrate the 4th of July with your families, we ask a few favors:

Stay Safe: Independence Day celebrations are going to look a little different this weekend with so many pandemic restrictions still in place for our country and the world. Please listen to your local health organizations and follow the safety guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

If the weather cooperates, perhaps a small family backyard BBQ is the perfect way to spend your long weekend!

Get Connected: The 4th of July weekend is typically about celebrating with friends and family and that’s a bit more difficult right now. If you can’t gather in-person with friends and family, call them up on Facetime or Zoom to virtually share a beer and a burger together.

Re-charge and Re-energize: If you can take any time off this weekend, do it. Do what you need to reset your batteries so you can go back to everyday life next week and finish out 2020 stronger than when you started.

Don’t forget summer is a great time to inspect your equipment and systems to see if any parts need to be replaced or upgraded. If you discover any bearings, rollers, chain guides, outrigger pads, sheaves and pulleys, sprockets and gears, valves and seals, wear strips, wear pads and blocks that need to be replaced, get your parts ordered from Nylatech now. Contact us about your upcoming parts needs.