Benefits of using Nylon plastics

Nylatech-octoberWe’re big fans of Nylon plastic, specifically cast Nylon 6 (polycaprolactam) and 6/12. It’s one of the most widely used engineering plastics used today. Here’s why we love this versatile plastic, and why you will too.

Virtually any industry can benefit from cast nylon parts. In the last 23 years we’ve worked with agriculture, construction, food processing, marine, material handling, sawmill, oil and gas, and wastewater industries, to name a few.

Here are the key properties of cast nylons put it above traditional metals, and often other thermoplastics:

  • It has excellent abrasion & wear resistance
  • It has high tensile and compressive strength
  • It’s known for its low coefficient of friction
  • It’s a lightweight option that’s 1/7th the weight of conventional materials
  • It makes for easy machining

Nylatech carries many standard sizes in tubular bar, rod, disk, and plate shapes in various thicknesses and dimensions. We can also create custom sizes to improve part yield and reduce material cost.

To learn more about the Nylatech line of cast nylon plastics, read our Cast Nylon Brochure or Give us a call.