Cast Nylon for the Agricultural Industry

nylatech-June-agriDid you know the agricultural industry in the US contributed $1.053 TRILLION to the US GDP in 2017? This industry also helps to stimulate our economy through job creation right here at home with direct on-farm jobs employing 2.6 million people every year!

With so many people and the entire country (and the world, in fact) who depend on American farming, production downtime is not an option as it’s costly to farmers and entire communities who depend on them. That’s why we’re honored to supply engineering cast nylon parts for agricultural equipment.

To help keep food collection, processing, and packaging up and running, agricultural equipment needs to be strong and dependable. Cast nylon plastic has exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, both of which are common in farming equipment. This plastic also has high impact strength.

It’s not always easy or efficient to keep agricultural equipment parts lubricated as some parts are not easily accessible or require the equipment be taken out-of-service, in order to perform lubrication or replacements of parts.

Thankfully cast nylon plastic parts are self-lubricating, and because they have increased corrosion and chemical resistance, they are less likely to break than other plastic or metal parts so don’t need to be replaced as often as parts of other materials.

Most agricultural equipment handles food meant for human consumption so this is a consideration of machinery parts in the industry. Put another check next to cast nylon here because cast nylon is a food-safe grade of plastic!

And finally, when safety or visibility is a concern, your cast nylon parts can be made in high visibility and colors so they can be seen easily, to prevent accidents or injuries.

Applications for cast nylon in agricultural equipment.
The applications for cast nylon are nearly limitless and include:

Do you work in the agricultural industry or are looking to create parts that are strong and can withstand the harsh chemical and environmental conditions but are also food-safe? Contact the team at Nylatech who can help you make your parts in cast nylon.