Why use Cast Nylon for Bearings and Rollers

Are you still using metal bearings and rollers in your facility or in your equipment? 2021 may be the time to switch to non-metallic bearings (made from cast nylon #thermoplastic), even in the most arduous conditions. 

Nylatech Cast Nylon is optimal for bearings because it provides longer wear life with little or no lubrication required (it’s self-lubricating). Its exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion means you replace it less frequently and it requires less maintenance. With cast nylon’s high impact strength, your cast nylon parts will withstand heavy loads bearing down on them. It’s estimated to last 25x longer than phosphor bronze.

If your application is in an environment with exposure to chemicals or extreme weather, cast nylon bearings and rollers will better withstand weathering because they are corrosion and chemical resistant. 

Cast Nylon parts are also much lighter than traditional metals making it easy for transport and installation. It’s also available in a variety of high visibility colours for increased safety.

If you’re planning to convert your existing metal bearings and rollers to cast nylon, give us a call and we can help you. Most custom parts can be completed within one week and we carry stock shapes that are available same-day!