Why cast nylon is perfect for finished parts

Nylatech April SocialCast Nylon is a versatile thermoplastic used in so many finished parts. It’s often a cost-effective alternative to other raw materials.

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the most common parts made from Cast Nylon 6 and 6/12 thermoplastics:

Bearings and Rollers: Cast Nylon requires little to no lubrication it’s ideal for load-bearing and roller applications when strength and long-life are critical.

Chain Guides: Cast Nylon extends the life of chain guides as it’s self-lubricating surface minimizes wear caused by repetitive friction.

Outrigger Pads: Cast Nylon is strong and tough enough to withstand the intense pressure outrigger pads are subjected to, yet are light enough to be carried with ease.

Sheaves and Pulleys: Cast Nylon easily replaces conventional steel or iron sheaves because it is lightweight, promotes longer rope life, and is corrosion-resistant.

Sprockets and Gears: Cast Nylon creates sprockets and gears with qualities that reduce wear on chains, and is both chemical and corrosion-resistant.

Valves & Seals: Cast Nylon is used in valves and seals because of its high mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties

Wear Strips: Cast Nylon is available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to create abrasion- and wear-resistant wear strips.

Wear Pads and Blocks: Cast Nylon is often used for wear pads and blocks due to the plastics’ self-lubricating properties and it’s resistance to abrasion, wear, corrosion, and chemicals.

At Nylatech we use leading manufacturing technology to manufacture Cast Nylon 6 and 6/12 thermoplastics in a variety of stock shapes and custom components. To talk about using Nylatech Cast Nylon in your next project, contact our customer service team today.