Why cast nylon is best for sawmill equipment

Nylatech JanCast nylon plastic is great for many different applications and industries and today we’re going to look at how it’s used in the sawmill equipment industry.

The sawmill and lumber industry is booming with a growth of about 2.4% per year and employing over 86,000 throughout the US. So much of our country and the world depend on our lumber exports so anytime sawmill equipment goes down can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

To meet demand, sawmill equipment is running longer and at faster speeds to process our lumber. As you can imagine, this increase in speed causes faster wear and tear on equipment parts.

This is why we recommend cast nylon plastics for this crucial industry because cast nylon plastic stands up better than other part materials. Cast nylon has:

  • exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion,
  • high impact strength,
  • self-lubricating properties,
  • resistance to corrosion and chemicals,
  • low co-efficient of friction,
  • high visibility colours for increased safety, and
  • is lightweight.

Cast nylon parts are used to make chain bed for sharp chains, wear strips, bearing blocks, hanger bearings, kiln cart bushings, sheaves & pulleys, and wear plates.

Nylatech PVM (Pressure-Velocity-Maximum) is the cast nylon of choice for chain beds and liners because it requires approximately 75% less lubrication and has a longer chain life than other comparative materials.

Nylatech Nythane is also common in sawmill equipment parts as it has the same positive qualities of standard nylon grades (like excellent impact values, wear resistance, and rigidity), but has the added benefits of less moisture absorption and lower temperature tolerances.

To inquire about using Nylatech cast nylons for your next sawmill equipment part, request a quote today.