Chain Guides are Better in Plastic


Decades ago, it would have been surprising to see a plastic chain guide in any industry, let alone in a heavy duty conveyor environment; but now it seems that those dealing with chain-driven equipment have embraced the benefits.

Plastic chain guides are known for their ability to reduce friction, dampen noise, soften vibration and even extend chain life due to their natural lubrication properties. When put up against the "traditional" options for chain guides, the plastic counterparts outperform and outlast.

Nylatech is an industry leader in cast nylon parts like chain guides and has been working with clients in just about every industry imaginable since the business began more than 20 years ago. This puts us ahead of the pack in terms of helping clients create even better chain guides than what they currently have.

Whether you have already converted to plastic chain guides and simply need replacements, need to upgrade "traditional" chain guides or are ready to consider options to make equipment move even better, let us know. Our team has two decades of experience in creating elements to make our clients' businesses the best they can be.