Happy Holidays to All Our Friends!

Whether you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the craziness of 2020 is almost over or you’ve already put it behind you and are gearing up for a terrific 2021, the holidays are a time for celebration! How will you celebrate?

This time of year we always love to take a moment to reflect on the year and see what we’ve learned. This year we’ve learned 3 valuable lessons that we think you may share too:

People are resilient: We’ve definitely been put to the test this year! The world has changed in so many ways and it’s changed us. For the most part we’re responding to the changes with positivity and a sense of optimism for the now and the future.

The sense of community is alive and well: With the holidays now in full swing, we feel the sense of community stronger than ever. We’re banding together in new ways to promote health, wellbeing, and family. 

Perhaps what we’re most excited about is the renewed emphasis on spending time with your immediate family this holiday season. We’re going to be spending the holidays playing board games, having movie nights at home, and going for walks in nature with our families. 

New perspectives on old views: So many people have had life changing experiences this year as a result of seeing the world and their life through a new perspective. Some people moved homes because their current home wasn’t meeting their needs anymore. Many started new jobs or started new businesses. And the emphasis to take care of our mental wellness and physical health have been a welcome reminder for many.

We also wish to thank each and every one of you who have been customers of Nylatech this year, and those who are following along in our journey. We’re heading into 2021 with a goal to help even more businesses realize their dreams of changing the world. Let’s talk in January about how we can help you change the world with cast nylon plastic. 

Until then, have a merry holiday season and a healthy new year!