Happy National Agricultural Day (March 23)

It’s #NationalAgriculturalDay and Nylatech is proud to work with many Agricultural equipment producers around the country. 

Since the pandemic started last year, people have been buying more fruits and vegetables to cook more meals at home. The #BuyLocal trend is also sweeping the nation as Americans want to support their neighbours and local produce producers. This is putting a huge strain on farmers who are already struggling with new COVID-19 regulations and laws around their produce. 

The one way we can support our local farmers, aside from buying their produce, is to provide high-quality and durable parts for their agricultural equipment. When their parts are made from materials that can withstand the hard outdoor conditions without breaking, equipment breaks down less frequently and revenue generation for American farmers doesn’t get stalled while equipment gets fixed. 

Cast nylon makes excellent parts for agricultural and food processing equipment due to its:

  • exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion, corrosion and chemicals,
  • high impact strength,
  • self-lubricating properties,
  • low-coefficient of friction,
  • high visibility colours for increased safety,
  • lightweight material, and
  • food safe grades

Are you considering using cast nylon plastic for pulleys, sheaves, bushings, spacers, pipe clamps, wear strips/plates/pads, nylon bearing blocks, bearing housings, sprockets, chain guides, gears, scrapers, or other bespoke components? Talk to us about manufacturing them from cast nylon.