Happy Valentines Day: What we LOVE about Cast Nylon

Unlike your Ex, cast nylon is made to last and is here to stay! Today we thought we’d share the top 5 things we love (and we know you love) about Cast Nylon plastic.

Strength: Cast Nylon is a strong thermoplastic and is great for everything from consumer goods, to professional-grade equipment and machinery. It’s strong enough to withstand heat and friction, which are common in machinery.

We love this because it makes Cast Nylon so versatile for a wide range of applications and industries

Lubrication: Many cast nylon variants are self-lubricating, helping to extend the lifespan of the plastic. It also means it requires less lubrication and maintenance.

We love this because it means you’ll save the maintenance and replacement costs.

Resilience: Have you ever gone to do maintenance on your equipment and found a part has warped and deformed? Over time, cast nylon may deform, but unlike metal or other plastic parts, the cast nylon part can easily return to its original shape.  

We love this because our customers’ cost to reform the cast nylon piece is much lower and more convenient than a complete replacement and reinstallation. 

Light Weight: When you compare cast nylon to other plastic materials or metals with near comparable properties, cast nylon is much lighter. It’s nearly a seventh of the weight of these conventional materials. 

We love this because it means it won’t contribute significantly to the overall weight of your product or equipment. 
We know that your operating costs are probably going up this year with higher shipping costs and new import and export fees you may be subjected to. Cut down your costs by replacing metal parts with more durable and cost-effective cast nylon plastic. Request a quote for your project today.