Industry profile: Marine

marine plasticsAt Nylatech we’re proud to work with the marine industry for their plastic part needs. Marine applications require strong parts that can withstand rough ocean conditions. Our materials are successfully replacing traditionally metal parts and are outlasting their metal counterparts in high exposure marine environments.

Here are some benefits of plastics for the marine industry:

  • exceptional resistance to wear an abrasion
  • high impact strength
  • Self-lubricating
  • corrosion and chemical resistance
  • low coefficient of friction
  • high visibility and colors for safety
  • lightweight

Common marine industry parts that can be made from plastic include rubber bushing, fenders, rope liners, lay off rollers, anchor rollers, bushings, gears, pulleys and sheaves, thruster ducks, sprockets, and bearings.

When you work with Nylatech on your marine application parts, you are working with a proud IAPD GreenScene program member. All our manufacturing practices are held to the highest environmentally friendly practices to limit our impact on the environment. Learn more about this program by the International Association of Plastics Distributors.

If you’re considering upgrading metal parts for plastics, talk to the experts at Nylatech for advice and a quote.