Marine Safety with Nylon


There is no environment harsher than the open water. With salt, wind and water all at play in varying weather patterns, outfitting boats properly is an important aspect of safety.

In the past, many boat elements like rope liners and rollers have been made of rubber, but there is a more durable option - nylon. At Nylatech, we specialize in creating a wide range of marine components that provide greater durability and functionality. Because nylon is self-lubricating, ropes slide easily and cause less wear on crucial parts.

It's also possible to color nylon which can create greater visibility and safety. Parts like dock fenders, edging and rollers can also be color coded for ease of identification or for aesthetic reasons.

In the extreme temperatures of the water, nylon even outperforms steel and other metals due to its ability to hold it's shape in weather fluctuations and block heat or cold. For all the ways nylon works near the water, contact us.