National Safety Month: Increasing Safety with Cast Nylon

June is national safety month, making it the perfect time to discuss all the safety qualities and characteristics of cast nylon performance plastics.

Increasing safety by minimizing part failure

Cast nylon plastic has excellent abrasion and wear resistance, so they don’t wear down as quickly as traditional metal parts. This means the chance of premature part failure due to consistent use is lower, so your machine doesn’t break, causing injury to workers.

Increasing safety by being lightweight

Cast nylon is about 1/7th the weight of traditional metal materials. This means it won’t significantly contribute to the overall weight of your equipment. Should the part be dropped, it’s less likely to shatter or cause damage to workers because of its strength and light weight. 

Increasing safety by minimizing maintenance requirements

Every time you shut down your equipment for maintenance or repairs, you lose money. There is also an increased chance of injury every time you shut down or restart the equipment. Most cast nylon plastics are self-lubricating, so you generally don’t need any start-up or running lubrication. This means you don’t have to take your equipment offline as often to reapply lubrication to your parts. 

Increasing safety with high visibility colors

Cast nylon plastic comes in various high visibility colors for increased safety. This means you don’t need to add additional high visibility paint or coverings to these parts, saving you money and supporting your safety initiatives and goals. 

Increasing safety with food-safe grade material

Food safety is paramount. That’s why many cast nylon plastic grades are certified as food safe to come into contact with food and beverage products. This is especially important when your parts are used in conveyors, dough forms and cutters, and other food processing equipment and applications. 

Do you have strict safety concerns for your part manufacturing project? Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the best grade of cast nylon plastic to meet your needs.