Best nylatech cast nylon plastics for high friction environments

cast-nylon-gears-variety-sha-300x280Nylatech cast nylon is ideal for many applications, but when high friction environments are present, we often recommend one of these four cast nylon plastics:

Nylatech Power 6: Often used for drive gears, sprockets, and high load rollers and wheels, Nylatech Power 6 is as strong as steel with the abrasion resistance and noise reduction of nylon.

Nylatech PVM: A versatile cast nylon, Nylatech PVM (Pressure/Velocity/Maximum) is commonly used in high speed bushing and sliding applications. It is self lubricating with the lowest coefficient of friction of any type 6 nylon.

Nylatech SL: A common cast nylon for places where external lubrication is difficult or impossible, Nylatech SL contains and proprietary solid lubricant and can extend your part life five times longer than other lubricated materials

Nylatech Moly Oil: This hybrid between Nylatech MD and OIL, is suited for high load – low RPM applications and a suitable replacement for MD in heavy duty friction generating applications.

Nylatech specializes in the manufacturing of cast nylon 6 and 6/12. We can produce all your stock shape needs including tubular bar, rod, and plate stock. We also have semi-finished and finished custom cast components available for increased savings and quick turnarounds.

Compare these and other Nylatech cast nylon plastics on our website or contact us for a one-on-one consultation to pick the right plastic for your next project.