Nylatech IRG Takes A Beating

Nylatech IRG retains the basic physical properties of nylon 6, but has increased impact resistance. Some of the most common applications are,

  • Pile driving pads
  • Vibration dampeners
  • Mechanical stop applications
  • High impact applications

Since traditional cast nylon 6 materials are semi-crystalline, they are susceptible to cracking and breaking when subjected to high impact loads especially when the part is nicked or notched, Nylatech IRG addresses this issue.

Due to the impact resistance of Nylatech IRG, it outperforms these traditional grades in heavy impact applications such as pile driving cushions. The material can also be used in vibration dampening applications, mechanical stops or other high impact situations.

This material can be produced in rods or discs up to 68" diameter, sheets in up to 7" thick and tubes in up to 48" diameter.

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