Nylatech Mining Solutions


Nylatech provides many wear resistant components to the mining industry that reduce maintenance and extend the life of equipment.

Materials are available that contain solid lubricant additives, have high pressure-velocity (PV) values, and excellent wear resistance. In many applications, the high wear resistance can be achieved without start-up or running lubrication. These materials also reduce periodic maintenance which lowers overall maintenance costs.

Nylatech provides solutions for demanding applications where sliding, rolling, abrasion, and impact are causing premature wear on parts and equipment. We can also reduce or eliminate wear on mating materials, increasing the life of both the nylon component and the part it comes in contact with.

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Typical applications include: bushings, wear plates, slide

bearings, belt rope guide sheave, valve seats, thrust bearings,

drag line sheaves, axle nose cone bearings, seals, pivot

bushings, rubbing blocks, guides, cams, gears, steering kingpin

thrust bearings, track boggy wheel bushings, and wear strips.