Nylatech Then And Now: 25 Year Anniversary

Nylatech septIt’s a celebration for our company and our clients! We’re celebrating our first quarter-century of helping you design success in cast nylon! We’ve grown so much from our humble beginnings 25 years ago.

We have become a leading manufacturer of Type 6 and 6/12 Cast Nylon. With the help of our valued global network of distributors, we can provide a cost-effective alternative to metal components for businesses around the world.

Along the way we’ve developed revolutionary cast nylon formulations including:

  • Nylatech Nythane: a chemically formulated copolymer designed to offer an engineering material with high tensile strength and compressive properties of cast nylon, with the impact and wear resistance of polyurethane.
  • Nylatech Power-6: offering the load-bearing capacity of steel and the abrasion/wear resistance and noise reduction of nylon, this cast nylon is ready for even the most demanding of applications.

In addition to our products, we’re proud of our other accomplishments and achievements over the past 25 years including:

  • being the only North American manufacturer to produce tubular bar in 52” lengths,
  • developing a strong reputation for quality and reliability,
  • shipping most products within a week,
  • shipping stock items same-day, and
  • our long-standing membership in the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD)

Thank you to all our past and current customers who have been pivotal in helping our business grow. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and we’re looking forward to the next quarter-century helping even more businesses design success with cast nylon plastic.