Nylatech is Growing Greener

shutterstock_109492817At Nylatech, we are proud to be part of the International Association of Plastics Distribution’s (IAPD) GreenScene Program.

The IAPD formed an environmental committee in 2008 which works to help members of the association find ways to apply more sustainability practices in what they do. It’s about looking for new opportunities to be better to the environment in everyday practices. Whether it’s recycling, conservation of resources, waste reduction or other accomplishments, the IAPD honours the best in our industry for their hard work with an Environmental Excellence Award and shares those achievements with other companies.

At Nylatech, our Green Program ensures we recycle as much material waste as possible, reduce energy consumption to a minimum, and instill best practices to employees in all aspects to make environmentally friendly choices.

For more information on the Green Scene program and Performance Plastics best practices and policies, visit the IAPD website.