How Performance Plastics contribute to environmentally friendly goals

nylatech-aug-blogPlastic has gotten a bad reputation in the news and on social media recently. Generally, people are referring to single-use consumer plastics (like cups, straws, and product packaging). That doesn’t mean that we, as a fabricator of cast nylon parts for many different industries, shouldn’t also take steps to ensure our business and products are environmentally friendly.

We’re a proud member of the IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distribution), and many member companies primarily produce and distribute “Performance plastics.” Performance plastics are designed for repeated or multi-use applications and generate a smaller carbon footprint than glass, steel, or wood.

In addition to the nylon plastics we have at Nylatech, other plastic polymers are recyclable including:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Styrene
  • ABScl
  • Polyolefin
  • PETG

Even plastics like PVC, Teflon, Acetyl, and other high performance polymers are recyclable (although these are often harder to recycle). Many plastics recyclers will often pay more for better-sorted scraps. This means plastics free from wood, dirt, metal, and other foreign debris.

As IAPD GreenScene members we strive to limit our impact on the environment in our manufacturing and office facilities. To learn more about our environmental initiatives or to start a cast nylon fabrication project, give us a call.