Product Profile: Nylatech Oil

nylon-oilWhen maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible, Nylatech Oil provides true lubrication at the bearing surface. This special formulation limits moisture absorption, making it well-suited for submerged products or critical tolerance applications.

Ideal Applications:

  • General purpose bearings and bushings
  • To replace stainless steel in food processing (Natural Oil)
  • Bottling, canning, packing, and processing
  • Friction / wear applications in marine environments
  • Gears, sprockets, and power transmission components

Why Nylatech Oil? It has a low coefficient of friction, reduced “slip stick,” and low moisture absorption. Also, Nylatech Natural Oil is unpigmented, off-white in color, and conforms to food grade certifications including FDA Regulations 21 CFR, Sec. 177.15 and USDA 3A Sanitary Standards 20-17 for direct contact with food.

Also available, Nylatech Moly-Oil provides high compressive strength and load bearing qualities, and has the advantages of a liquid lubricant. It’s specially suited for high load or low RPM applications.

Nylatech Oil is certified to conform with ASTM-D5989 specification and requirements for 21 CFR 177.1500 of the US FDA.

Learn more about Nylatech Oil or the full line of Nylatech cast nylon products on our website.

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