Solving mining problems with cast nylon

Not all jobs are done in the comfort and safety of a cubical or the “corner office.” Some jobs, like mining, require many boots on the ground, and if operations are not done safely, it can lead to dangerous or fatal consequences. Mining equipment accidents are one of the biggest dangers.

Mining equipment is often large and powerful. If one valve seat or belt rope guide sheave breaks, it could spell disaster for anyone working on the site. Here are common mining problems that can be solved, mitigated, or prevented using cast-nylon-made components.

Friction damage

With the constant grinding and processing in mining, rocks and other mined materials can cause significant wear and tear on your mining equipment. Left unchecked, it can contribute to premature part failure. Cast Nylon performs better and resists wear and tear better than metal or other parts.

Part reliability and longevity

Metal parts exposed to harsh mining environments are known to break quicker and not last as long. Cast Nylon parts hold up better than their metal counterparts, so you can get better value for your money and save on maintenance costs too.

Maintenance downtime

With cast nylon parts, maintenance requirements for these parts are much less frequent. Equipment downtime for repairs or routine maintenance can cost tens of thousands of dollars every day! With cast nylons components, unless another critical equipment system breaks, you won’t have to take expensive machines out of service for maintenance as often. This means you can spend more time mining and earning profits for your company.

Cast nylon can help you lower the maintenance costs of your critical mining equipment. It reduces or eliminates wear on your materials and increases the life of both the nylon component and the part it comes in contact with. Learn more about how Cast Nylon can be used in mining applications, or contact us to talk about your cast nylon needs.