Better in the Sun

sun dogOne of the reasons many cast nylon products are so flexible in their useage is that they are UV resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The durability and natural lubrication has made cast nylon ideal for replacing rubber and metal parts that wear out quickly like bearings, sprockets, wheels and chain guides, but many industries, like mining and forestry put their equipment through grueling conditions - not just the work, but the exposure to the elements. The sun can be the most damaging with its ability to break down even the strongest materials.

Not all cast nylons deliver the UV resistance needed on the job site, so before putting an order in for custom parts talk to us about your needs and we'll ensure the right cast nylon materials are used to provide protection from the elements, significant durability, excellent natural lubrication properties and machinability.

Everyone loves the sun except when it wears things out and makes work stall. Get the right cast nylon products to outlast other materials in harsh conditions.