Supply Chain Issues? Support U.S. Manufacturers Instead

The U.S. has been plagued by severe supply chain issues these past two years. It’s spurred a renewed interest in supporting US-made products and companies. At Nylatech, we love to support local, US-based businesses, and we encourage you to too. 

Supporting U.S. manufacturing and businesses is beneficial for your business because:

  1. You cut down shipping time: When you purchase from a U.S. company that manufactures in our country, it doesn’t have to travel a far distance to get to you. This means you can often get orders within a few days (overseas orders often take weeks).
  2. You save overseas freight costs: Shipping overseas has always been expensive. With the increased demand and the price of fuel, ocean freight costs have skyrocketed. This is now reflected in your purchase price of goods manufactured outside North America.  
  3. You support local economies: We know how much the economy has suffered during the pandemic. By ordering your products from a company that manufactures in the U.S., you are strengthening our economy and helping American families put food on their table.
  4. You don’t have to worry about time zones: When you need to communicate with companies overseas, you need to consider opposite time zones. However, coordinating a phone call or meeting is easier with only up to a three-hour time difference when you work with U.S. companies. 

Nylatech is based on the West Coast, making communicating with us easy. We also do all our manufacturing in the continental U.S., so most orders, even custom jobs, are delivered within one week. Stock shapes are shipped the same day.

If you’re looking to switch from cast nylon manufacturing overseas, to support a US-born business, contact a sales representative at Nylatech.