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Agriculture’s Need for Nylon

Despite the images the term agriculture conjures up for others, those in and related to the industry know it is far more fast-paced and involves a great deal more mechanical aspects than the commonly idealized scene of a cow lazily standing in a field. Farmers and growers work hard and need their equipment to stand…
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Nylatech IRG Takes A Beating

Nylatech IRG retains the basic physical properties of nylon 6, but has increased impact resistance. Some of the most common applications are, Pile driving pads Vibration dampeners Mechanical stop applications High impact applications Since traditional cast nylon 6 materials are semi-crystalline, they are susceptible to cracking and breaking when subjected to high impact loads especially…
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Discover Opportunities with Nylon

Nylatech offers Webinars and In-House Training to help educate both new and existing staff on the wide-range of opportunities Cast Nylon-6 offers, as well as the unique abilities Nylatech gives you to help grow your business. We offer both webinars and in-house training on a variety of topics; Cast Nylon-6 Properties and comparisons to other…
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