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Nylatech is Growing Greener

At Nylatech, we are proud to be part of the International Association of Plastics Distribution's (IAPD) GreenScene Program. The IAPD formed an environmental committee in 2008 which works to help members of the association find ways to apply more sustainability practices in what they do. It's about looking for new opportunities to be better to…
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Nylatech IRG Takes A Beating

Nylatech IRG retains the basic physical properties of nylon 6, but has increased impact resistance. Some of the most common applications are, Pile driving pads Vibration dampeners Mechanical stop applications High impact applications Since traditional cast nylon 6 materials are semi-crystalline, they are susceptible to cracking and breaking when subjected to high impact loads especially…
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NYLATECH® PVM (pressure/velocity/maximum) was developed to provide a premium material for a variety of applications. NYLATECH® PVM offers: Internally Lubricated Minimizes Maintenance Improves Part Life Improves Life of Mating Component Reduces Machine/Equipment Noise Lower Coefficient of Friction Superb Machinability and Surface Finish            
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