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Cast Nylon Delivers in Energy and Alternative Energy Applications

To some, alternative energy refers to energy sources that do not rely on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. This can include bio diesel, nuclear power and hydroelectric dams. To others, alternative energy is known for sources of power that do not deplete our natural resources or harm the environment. Such sources…
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Less Friction = Less Risk in Mills

  Friction is a liability in a sawmill. Not only can it cause excess wear and tear on equipment leading to increased down time, but it can also lead to sparks and breakage, which in a mill, can be deadly. While most mills have converted to lower friction chain beds like those made of urethane,…
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Designing Sheaves and Bearings with Nylon

Understanding the key considerations when designing a sheave or bearing with nylon is crucial for a successful installation and long part life. We're here to help you with onsite/online training: Cast Nylon-6 and Performance Plastics Recommendations Sheave Design Bearing Design Markets and Applications Machining & Fabrication Tips Our Sheave Design Manual is also available online.…
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