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Agriculture’s Need for Nylon

Despite the images the term agriculture conjures up for others, those in and related to the industry know it is far more fast-paced and involves a great deal more mechanical aspects than the commonly idealized scene of a cow lazily standing in a field. Farmers and growers work hard and need their equipment to stand…
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Marine Safety with Nylon

There is no environment harsher than the open water. With salt, wind and water all at play in varying weather patterns, outfitting boats properly is an important aspect of safety. In the past, many boat elements like rope liners and rollers have been made of rubber, but there is a more durable option - nylon.…
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Why Use a Nylon Bearing?

Nylatech Nylon Bearings are lighter than steel and have excellent wear resistance with a high load capacity. Switching to a nylon bearing doesn't have to be a trial. We have experience with a variety of applications that take the guess-work out of replacing traditional materials with Nylatech Nylon. Click here to download this short presentation…
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