Top industries using Cast Nylon Plastics

Nylatech industry socialNo matter your industry, cast nylon is probably being used in your equipment. Today we’re taking a look at the main industries we work with at Nylatech and why cast nylon makes a good plastic for parts and components in each market.


Cast nylon is perfect for agricultural equipment parts because of its excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Agricultural equipment needs a reliable material for parts on heavily used equipment that may be exposed to harsh weather and conditions. 


The construction industry is booming and there are many pieces of equipment, large and small, that require reliable parts to keep them working and keep the workers safe. Cast nylon is often found in sheaves and pulleys, spacers, pipe clamps, gears, levers, skate rollers, outrigger pads, and even bespoke components because this plastic has a high tensile and compressive strength,

Food Processing

Unlike other industries, plastics used for equipment parts used on food processing also require food safe certification. Many formulations of Nylatech cast nylon are food-safe for such uses. Most commonly you’ll find cast nylon in scrolls, wear plates, dough forms and cutters, bumper blocks, and conveyor chains. 


The biggest benefit of using cast nylon in marine applications is its excellent resistance to wear and abrasion, which are critical in operations that take place in or near water where the weather conditions and physical demands are high. 

Material handling 

Countless trucks, planes, and trains are used to transport goods and packages throughout the world. Efficiency is key, especially when you’re guaranteeing 24-hour delivery. With the self-lubrication properties and the low coefficient of friction of some Nylatech cast nylon plastic, greater efficiency in this fast-paced industry can be achieved. 


Sawmills are processing wood at faster speeds than ever before, but speed is causing them to break down more. With cast nylon plastic being used to create parts like chain beds and liners, the self-lubricating properties of the plastic mean there is less wear on chains and they break less often. 

Oil & Gas

Chemical resistance is a key requirement of any component or part used in this industry. Cast Nylon plastics have high corrosion and chemical resistance making them ideal for many applications in this industry including wear plates, sprockets, rollers, washers, winches, ROV components, friction reducers, and other bespoke components. 

Waste Water

The need for reliable wastewater management and recycling systems is a critical component of our community infrastructure. That’s why the excellent wear and abrasion resistance of cast nylon, as well as its high resistance to corrosion, make it a great for parts including scrapers, boom pads, levers, skate rollers, stoppers, and outrigger pads. 

Cast Nylon is the perfect material whenever you want parts that have exceptional impact resistance, are self-lubricating, lightweight, and have good corrosion and chemical resistance. To inquire about creating your parts run from cast nylon plastic, contact our sales team for a chat.