What are Cast Nylon stock shapes?

Cast Nylon is about one-seventh the weight of traditional materials (like metal), making it an attractive plastic material for parts manufacturing. It’s also more cost-effective when you can use cast nylon stock shapes rather than extruded nylon.

Here are some common cast nylon shapes you may encounter:

Cast Nylon Sheets

Some projects are best manufactured from standard-sized sheets of cast nylon plastic. The thickness of the sheet cast nylon varies between ⅛ inch to 1 inch thick.

Cast Nylon Rods

Cast Nylon rods are available in long lengths depending on the diameter:

  • 0.75″ through 2″ diameter = 2 to 10-foot lengths
  • 2″ through 3.75″ diameter = 2 foot lengths
  • 4″ through 16″ diameter = up to 4-foot lengths
  • 17″ through 36″ diameter = 1 foot lengths

Cast Nylon Tubular Bar (or Tube)

These hollowed rods come in various lengths depending on the outside diameter (OD) of the bar:

  • 1.75 through 6 inch OD = 50 inch lengths
  • 4 through 24 inch OD = 52 inch lengths*
  • 8 through 40 inch OD = 13 to 26 inch lengths

*Nylatech is the only North American manufacturer that can produce tubular bars in 52-inch lengths.

Other common standard sizes

You can also get cast nylon in disk shapes for 8 -68 inches in diameter and various thicknesses. Another common ask is for plate standard sizes, and they are most often 0.25-7 inches thick in multiple sizes up to 4x10 feet disks. You can also ask for custom sizes to help maximize part yield and reduce your material costs.

A benefit of ordering stock sizes is that you can often get quicker turnaround times. At Nylatech, we offer same-day shipping for in-stock stock shapes. Custom orders are usually manufactured within one week.

Do you have a project that needs cast nylon parts? Contact us today with your part specs and yield requirements, and we’ll send you a quote.