What sets Nylatech apart from the competition?

We’re proud of our reputation for both quality and reliability. We know you have many cast nylon manufacturers to choose from, but only Nylatech offers you these five benefits: 

Fast order fulfillment: No more waiting weeks or months for your order. Most of our manufactured orders are shipped within a week. When you order stock shapes, we often ship them same day. 

Variety of formulations: We have over a dozen formulations of cast nylon plastic to meet any need. Tell our team what you need, and we can help you find the best Nylatech cast nylon for the job.

Custom job availability: We love creating unique projects for our clients. Let us know what custom job we can create for you in cast nylon. We’re also the only manufacturer in North America that carries 52-inch tubular bar. 

No minimum order requirements:  We get that you don’t always need 1000 pieces of your order. With no minimum order requirements, you can order as many cast nylon parts as you need.

Experienced team: Our team has been meeting your cast nylon needs for over 25 years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. 

Whether you are looking for a new source of cast nylon supply or an alternative for situations where your primary source cannot deliver, please consider Nylatech. We produce a full range of sheet, rod, and tube in all the standard grades, and many specialty grades as well. We offer custom cast sizes in all of our semi-finished stock shapes to maximize yields and reduce your cost for machined components.

Contact our sales team today and we’ll help you with all your cast nylon needs.