Why Cast Nylon is Best for Agriculture

Cast Nylon parts make a cost-effective and resistant alternative to traditional metal parts used in Agricultural equipment. Here are a few reasons why cast nylon is best for applications in this industry:


Agricultural equipment goes through significant stress that can wear parts down much faster with consistent use. Cast nylon parts have exceptional wear and abrasion resistance to withstand harsh environments better than traditional metal parts. It also has high corrosion and chemical resistance, making the part last longer. 


The strength of parts used in Agricultural equipment must be tough. Cast nylon has high impact strength to withstand any sudden loads applied.

Low coefficient of friction

Agricultural equipment has many moving parts. The less friction between the parts means the parts experience less wear and tear. Cast Nylon parts used in Agricultural equipment have a low coefficient of friction, so when in contact with moving parts, they can withstand the effects of friction better. 

Promotes safety

To increase visibility for metal parts, you must apply high visibility colors to the material after forming. Cast Nylon comes in many high visibility colors for increased safety. 


Lighter-weight Agricultural equipment is easier to move and transport. Cast Nylon parts are much lighter than metal parts, helping bring down the weight of your machinery. A lighter machine is more likely to be more fuel-efficient (saving you money) and is easier to move around a field, warehouse, or transport between sites. 

Food safe materials

Many Nylatech cast nylons are made of food-safe grade material, making them ideal for any machinery in industries where food contact is likely, including food and beverage facilities or Agricultural equipment. 

At Nylatech, we’ve worked with experts in the Agricultural industry to develop cast nylon components that are cost-effective and that increase production efficiencies. Learn more about the applications of cast nylon in Agriculture, or contact us to talk about your next part need.