Why cast nylon is perfect for valves and seals

The material you use for your parts and components will affect its longevity, cost, and maintenance. When you need valves and seals for your next project, cast nylon plastic has many benefits over other traditional materials like metal.

Here are four features and characteristics that make cast nylon plastic a good material choice for valves and seals:

Cast nylon is strong. Valves and seals have a big job to do. Help them do their job effectively with strong cast nylon plastic. It’s strong enough to handle high heat and friction, common in environments where valves and seals are found.

Cast nylon is resilient. Valves and seals can easily warp and deform over time or with repetitive use. Cast Nylon resists warping and any malformations can more easily bounce back to its original shape.

Cast nylon is self lubricating. Many cast nylon formulations are self-lubricating so you don’t have to manually lubricate valves and seals made from cast nylon. This makes their maintenance requirements much lower than metal parts.

Cast nylon is lightweight. Cast nylon is nearly a seventh the weight of comparable metals and other plastics. This means that your valves and seals won’t add much extra weight to your finished product.

If you’re looking to replace the valves or seals on your equipment soon, ask us about making them in cast nylon plastic instead of metal. With so many cast nylon grades, you can find one that best suits your needs.