Why use Cast Nylon and performance plastics in food processing applications

Food processing facilities churn out thousands of units every day. It can’t afford to stop production for lengthy repairs or because a small part of machinery breaks or fails. That’s why the food processing industry can benefit from using more cast nylon and performance plastics.

But, not just any performance plastic will do. In most cases, it needs to be a certified food-safe material. Here’s why food processing applications can benefit from using cast nylon performance plastics:

  1. Durability: To meet the demands of their customers, food processing facilities that use cast nylon parts often see fewer breakdowns as a result of these durable plastic parts.
  2. Improved safety: Food processing facilities need to manage contamination and foodborne illnesses. Many cast nylon plastics are food-grade plastics and are safe for contact with food.
  3. Resistance to wear and abrasion: There is much friction in food processing plants, and this continual wear and abrasion can break down traditional metal parts. Cast Nylon withstands the same wear and more, so your parts last longer and are more reliable.
  4. Self-lubricating: Using cast nylon in heavy use food processing equipment minimizes the need for external lubrication of parts to keep them operating optimally.

Food grade cast nylon is well suited for conveying, packing, bottling, and canning applications and is certified and tested for safety and qualification in the food industry.

Are you looking for replacement parts for a food processing application? Contact us, and we can suggest the best food-grade cast nylon plastic for the job.