Nylatech, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Type 6 and 6/12 Cast Nylon, a universally accepted industrial thermoplastic known for its outstanding range of physical properties. These properties, coupled with a wide variety of stock shape availability's, make Cast Nylon a cost effective alternative to conventional materials.

Nylatech Cast Nylon products can be found in almost every industry. Cast Nylon is common in many demanding applications requiring any combination of high load bearing capacity, low coefficient of friction, and good environmental and chemical resistance. All of our standard and proprietary grades are used by original equipment manufacturers, rebuild and repair facilities, and countless machine shops, as a cost effective alternative to metal components.


Incorporating leading manufacturing technology, Nylatech, an internationally respected manufacturer of Cast Nylon 6 and 6/12, will grow its stock shape and custom component business by meeting the expectations of its customers, all the while acknowledging that its employees are the cornerstone of its success.


Nylatech, Inc. is a Cast Nylon manufacturer located north of Seattle. We have been producing Nylon 6 and 6/12 stock shapes and custom components since our inception in 1995. We produce a full range of sheet, rod and tube in all the standard grades, and a number of specialty grades as well. We offer "custom cast sizes" in all of our semi-finished stock shapes to maximize yields and reduce cost for machined components. This holds true for our tubular bar as well, as we are the only North American manufacturer to produce tubular bar in 52" lengths.

At Nylatech, we are proud of the reputation we have developed for quality and reliability. The vast majority of our manufactured items are shipped in less than 1 week, while stock items are shipped the same day.

Whether you are looking for a new source of supply, or an alternative for situations where your primary source cannot deliver, please consider Nylatech.


Nylatech is also a proud member and supporter of the International Association of Plastics (IAPD).