Nylatech Oil

nylon-oilA special formulation of Liquid Lubricant encapsulated during manufacture, provides for true lubrication at the bearing surface. NYLATECH® OIL is offered for applications where maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible. As well, NYLATECH's specially formulated OIL, limits moisture adsorption, making NYLATECH® OIL an ideal bearing material for submerged or critical tolerance applications.

This grade is also available in NYLATECH® NATURAL-OIL for Food Contact applications. The absence of Pigment permits this grade to conform with FDA Regulations 21 CFR, Sec. 177.15 and USDA 3A Sanitary Standards 20-17 for direct contact with food.


  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced "Slip-Stick"
  • Low Moisture Adsorption
  • Reduced or Eliminated need for Lubrication
  • NYLATECH® OIL-NATURAL is FDA and USDA approved
  • Limiting PV = 4,000 psi · fpm

Typical Applications:

  • General Purpose Bearings and Bushings
  • NATURAL-OIL replaces Stainless Steel in Food processing applications:
  • Bottling, Canning, Packing, Processing
  • Friction / Wear applications in Marine Environment
  • Gears, Sprockets and Power Transmission Components


* NATURAL-OIL is Unpigmented off white.