Nylatech MD-Oil

MD filled nylon is one of the most popular standard grades of NYLATECH® Cast Nylon used today. NYLATECH has formulated a Hybrid of MD and OIL utilizing the same technology as our NYLATECH® OIL grade. This provides a material possessing the same high Compressive Strength and Load Bearing properties of MD filled, with all the advantages of a Liquid Lubricant. NYLATECH® MD-OIL is especially suited for High Load - Low RPM applications, but is a superior replacement for MD in many heavy-duty friction generating applications. NYLATECH® MD-OIL Offers:

  • Higher Compressive Strength
  • Increased Load Bearing Capacity
  • Improved Dimensional Stability
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced Moisture Adsorption
  • Improved Machinability
  • Limiting PV = 5,500 psi · fpm

Typical Applications:

  • Pillow Blocks
  • Trunnion Bearings
  • Rope Sheaves, Pulleys, Sprockets
  • Slipper Pads
  • Dryer Bushings
  • High Load applications, demanding the benefits of NYLATECH® OIL