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Built-in Oil Lubrication

Nylatech's Self Lubricating Materials are offered for applications where maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible. Different grades have been formulated to work optimally for general purpose, FDA, high load, and increased wear and/or abrasion applications: 1. NYLATECH® OIL Offers: Low Coefficient of Friction Reduced "Slip-Stick" Low Moisture Adsorption Reduced or Eliminated need for Lubrication NYLATECH®…
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For Really Tough Jobs

  WEAR RESISTANT & SELF LUBRICATING Nylon Components for the Mining Industry    Sliding, rolling, abrasion, and impact can cause premature wear on parts and equipment, this is where Nylatech comes in. Nylatech provides solutions for demanding applications with wear resistant and self-lubricating nylon components. We can reduce or eliminate wear on mating materials, increasing the life of both…
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Get A Handle On It!

SELF-LUBRICATING PLASTICS FOR MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT   Nylatech's self-lubricating plastics are widely used for material handling applications and parts including bearings, pads, rollers, pulleys, and chutes. Self-lubricating plastics help improve efficiency with decreased maintenance, impact absorption properties and an extremely low coefficient of friction which increases speed and reduces wear. Benefits: Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion High Impact strength…
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