Top 5 advantages of using cast nylon

There is no shortage of options when manufacturing parts. You can choose “traditional” materials like metal or rubber, but there is a more efficient solution that performs significantly better: Cast nylon.

Here are what we think are the top 5 advantages of cast nylon plastic over other raw materials.

Abrasion Resistance

Resisting abrasion is a great feature for equipment parts that are constantly subjected to friction and movement. With abrasion-resistant cast nylon, your parts experience less wear and tear, meaning they are more durable and often last longer than metal or rubber parts.

Lighter weight

When weight is a concern, cast nylon offers a significant advantage over metal parts. It’s about 1/7th the weight of classic metals. This means it costs less to ship, and the extra weight of the part won’t significantly impact the overall weight of your equipment.

Ease of Machining

When you need custom cast nylon parts, your manufacturer will use machining processes to shape the finished part. The properties of cast nylon make it easy to machine and are often much more cost-efficient to produce. This difference is because it takes significant effort to machine harder, less pliable materials like metal.

Heat tolerance

If your part will be used in a hot or humid climate, or you expect the equipment to generate significant heat during operation, cast nylon plastic is a wise choice. Cast Nylon has good heat tolerance, so it will keep its form without failing in higher temperatures.

Type and stock shape availability

Cast nylon comes in various colors, formulations, and stock shapes. These shapes include sheet, rod, disk, and tube. This helps manufacturers like Nylatech produce stock shape orders for same-day shipping (for in-stock items) or within a week for most custom orders.

Are you ready to switch from inefficient metal parts to feature-rich cast nylon? Contact our team today for a quote or design advice from our cast nylon experts.