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Cast Nylon Profiles: Nylatech Oil Grades

Nylatech oil grades are a perfect choice for applications where maintenance lubrication is difficult or impossible. The oil grades of cast nylon are specially formulated to limit moisture absorption so they can be used in moist or water-submerged environments. Here are 2 varieties of oil-grade Nylatech cast nylon plastics: Nylatech Oil In Nylatech-Oil, the lubrication…
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Happy National Agricultural Day (March 23)

It’s #NationalAgriculturalDay and Nylatech is proud to work with many Agricultural equipment producers around the country.  Since the pandemic started last year, people have been buying more fruits and vegetables to cook more meals at home. The #BuyLocal trend is also sweeping the nation as Americans want to support their neighbours and local produce producers.…
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Happy Valentines Day: What we LOVE about Cast Nylon

Unlike your Ex, cast nylon is made to last and is here to stay! Today we thought we’d share the top 5 things we love (and we know you love) about Cast Nylon plastic. Strength: Cast Nylon is a strong thermoplastic and is great for everything from consumer goods, to professional-grade equipment and machinery. It’s…
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Why use Cast Nylon for Bearings and Rollers

Are you still using metal bearings and rollers in your facility or in your equipment? 2021 may be the time to switch to non-metallic bearings (made from cast nylon #thermoplastic), even in the most arduous conditions.  Nylatech Cast Nylon is optimal for bearings because it provides longer wear life with little or no lubrication required…
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Happy Holidays to All Our Friends!

Whether you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the craziness of 2020 is almost over or you’ve already put it behind you and are gearing up for a terrific 2021, the holidays are a time for celebration! How will you celebrate? This time of year we always love to take a moment to reflect on…
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Why should you care about Near Net Shape (NNS)

As much as we at Nylatech love using our CNC machines for creating high-precision cuts, it’s a slow process because it’s so detailed. While CNC machining is still a great process that we recommend often for some projects, we also often suggest a new manufacturing process called Near Net Shape (NNS) manufacturing.  In this process,…
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Top industries using Cast Nylon Plastics

No matter your industry, cast nylon is probably being used in your equipment. Today we’re taking a look at the main industries we work with at Nylatech and why cast nylon makes a good plastic for parts and components in each market. Agricultural  Cast nylon is perfect for agricultural equipment parts because of its excellent…
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Nylatech Then And Now: 25 Year Anniversary

It’s a celebration for our company and our clients! We’re celebrating our first quarter-century of helping you design success in cast nylon! We’ve grown so much from our humble beginnings 25 years ago. We have become a leading manufacturer of Type 6 and 6/12 Cast Nylon. With the help of our valued global network of…
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How California Proposition 65 applies to Nylatech Plastics

As part of our commitment to the environment, and in adhering to the laws in states we do business in, we adhere to the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (known as “Proposition 65”). Proposition 65 came into law in 1986 to prohibit businesses from knowingly discharging harmful chemicals into drinking water sources.…
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