Agriculture’s Need for Nylon


Despite the images the term agriculture conjures up for others, those in and related to the industry know it is far more fast-paced and involves a great deal more mechanical aspects than the commonly idealized scene of a cow lazily standing in a field.

Farmers and growers work hard and need their equipment to stand up to the elements and regular use that is part of working on the land or in a greenhouse. Nylon components are an excellent addition to equipment due to their ability to stand up to heat, cold, UV and of course constant use.

Nylon components can also stand up to harsh chemical environments and are self-lubricating. This makes them ideal for functions like dairy barn scrapers, pipe clamps and guides on chemical sprayers and wear plates for heavy-drag areas in greenhouses. Nylon will outperform the same parts made of metal delivering a more cost-effective option to keeping the equipment running for harvest, milking or crop treatments.

If you've been wondering if there is a better option for some of the components in your agriculture operation, drop us a note, we'd love to take a look at your needs.