Why Blue is Better in the Heat

Industrial dryers have one thing in common with fast moving manufacturing lines, overs and kilns. Heat. Lots of it. And when heat meets regular wear and tear, problems are the result.

That's why we created Nylatech BLUE. This heat-stabilized grade of cast nylon was developed to take the heat of bushings, rollers, wear pads and the wear strips in ovens, kilns and industrial dryers. With a operating temperature of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, Nylatech BLUE can withstand the heat created by an industrial dryer along with the friction-generated heat of the drum. Plus, with the natural lubrication properties inherent in Nylatech BLUE, the wear pads last longer and provide a more consistent surface for drum movement. You'll be changing wear strips less often and will have less noise coming from drum wear and rubbing.

Can't take the heat? Ask us about Nylatech BLUE and how it can help reduce costs associated with industrial dryer wear strips.