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Cast Nylon for Food Processing

One of the non-negotiables in life is food. We all need food to live, so it’s important that our food processing systems are built reliable and safe. That’s why we carry a line of food-grade cast nylon plastics for use in this critical industry. When there is a chance that your machine parts come in…
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Why do plastics stand up better than other materials in food processing applications

The food processing industry has very stringent rules and regulations, and for obviously good reasons. This is why it’s so important that your food manufacturing parts and machinery are made with food-grade material. Cast nylon plastics are commonly used in conveying, packaging, bottling, and canning machinery parts and are ideal for scrolls, wear plates, chain…
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The safer, longer lasting alternative

Nylatech is a leading manufacturer of cast nylon products for a variety of industries for over 20 years. When it comes to the food processing industry we know safety is top of mind. At Nylatech we offer food grade materials that are high quality, long-lasting, certified and tested for safety and qualification in the food…
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