It’s World Food Safety Day (June 7)

Everyone deserves access to safe food and clean drinking water. Today (June 7) is World Food Safety Day and a reminder that we all need to do our part to keep it that way.

At Nylatech, we’re doing our part by providing the food processing industry with food-grade cast nylon plastic parts so they can get their products into the market safely. Food-grade cast nylon is long-lasting and certified for safety within the food processing industry.

In addition to being food-safe material, food-safe cast nylon lasts longer than other plastics or metal parts because it has exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, conditions commonly found within food processing equipment. It also has corrosion and chemical resistance which contributes to the part’s longevity. In addition, this plastic is available in various high visibility colors to contribute to safety in the food processing facility.

Our cast nylon plastic is found in conveying, packing, bottling, and canning facilities. It’s used to create parts including:

  • scrolls
  • wear plates
  • chain Guides
  • bushings
  • sprockets
  • dough forms/cutters
  • bumper blocks
  • wear strips
  • conveyors
  • pulleys and sheaves
  • conveyor chains

Does your company contribute to safe food or beverage processing or distribution? Ask us how to replace your traditional metal machinery parts with longer-lasting and more durable food-grade cast nylon plastic.