Nylon Cleans up Wastewater


Few things have the chemical toxic load of wastewater. It isn't just the areas the waste is "supposed" to go that are affected by the chemical interactions - it's also all those places where the waste seeps, creeps and splashes. It's mandatory to ensure all aspects of a facility can handle heavy duty flow as well as clean up without decomposition and chemical erosion.

With corrosion and chemical resistance not seen in other materials, nylon components specifically designed for the wastewater industry ensure less down time due to part replacement, less leakage from wear-through and quicker, more efficient sanitation of facilities.

Sludge scrapers, pulleys, chain guides and more can be made from lightweight nylon and can easily be colored to provide additional safety or identification.

Contact us to discuss how other municipalities are using nylon in their wastewater treatment facilities and to learn if nylon components are right for your site.