What’s the right Cast Nylon for my project?

cast nylon plastic

We're often asked, “What is the best cast nylon for my project?”

Cast nylon plastic is widely used and highly versatile. At Nylatech, we have nine standard formulations of tubular bar, rod, disk, and plate cast nylon to meet any need:

Nylatech Natural: This formulation is ideal for the food processing industry because it conforms to US F.D.A. 21CFR177.1500. It also has excellent abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.

Nylatech Blue: This cast nylon performs well in consistently hot environments. Nylatech Blue is commonly used in bushings, rollers, wear pads, and wear strips in high heat equipment.

Nylatech MD: Molybdenum disulphide (MD) filled grades of cast nylon are designed for longer part life, decreased mating component wear, and minimized downtime and related loss of productivity. It’s common in material handling systems such as bushings, wear pads, telescoping booms, gears, and rollers.

Nylatech OIL: OIL formulations add increased lubrication to the cast nylon component and are ideal when manual lubrication is difficult or costly (due to equipment downtime during maintenance). The Nylatech specially formulated OIL formulation limits moisture adsorption and is available in food-safe grades.

Nylatech Moly-OIL: This is a hybrid formulation of MD and OIL, with the benefits of both (including high compressive strength and lubrication). This cast nylon is popular in high-load, low RPM applications or as a replacement for MD in friction-generating equipment.

Nylatech SL: This cast nylon has 5x the part life of other lubricated materials, minimizing downtime for maintenance and repairs. It offers a low coefficient of friction and superior wear resistance.

Nylatech PVM: PVM (pressure/velocity/maximum) is a versatile cast nylon that self lubricates and has the lowest coefficient of friction than any type 6 cast nylon. It helps reduce inherent frictional heat by reducing sliding friction.

Nylatech Glass Filled: Glass-filled cast nylon comes in grades up to 30%. This thermoplastic is often used in prototype and development projects where injection molding is more expensive.

Nylatech Power-6: This cast nylon provides the load-bearing capacity of steel with cast nylon properties, including abrasion and wear resistance and noise reduction.

If you’re looking for a strong material for your next part, consider Nylatech cast nylon for the job. Talk to us about which formulation is right for your project.