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For Really Tough Jobs

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WEAR RESISTANT & SELF LUBRICATING Nylon Components for the Mining Industry 


Sliding, rolling, abrasion, and impact can cause premature wear on parts and equipment, this is where Nylatech comes in. Nylatech provides solutions for demanding applications with wear resistant and self-lubricating nylon components. We...

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Avoid Off-Cuts, Waste and Unnecessary Machining

With our abilities with near-net casting - you can avoid two costly manufacturing expenses:
  1. Added time finishing and machining
  2. Useless off-cuts and and waste
  So what is "near-net casting"? intricate-part-nylonNear net casting is an industrial manufacturing technique where the initial production of the item is very close to the final shape,...
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Thank you for attending the 60th Annual IAPD Convention

nylatech-booth-oct31Earlier this month, we met a lot of you in Phoenix, Arizona, at the 60th Annual IAPD Convention. Thank you to those who stopped by our booth and we hope you found the conference informative and worthwhile. The primary goal of this conference was to bring you...
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Looking forward to the IAPD Convention in October

iapd-300x200Nylatech is excited to be attending this year’s International Association of Plastics Distribution 60th Annual Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. This diamond anniversary celebration promises to be like no other. We’ll celebrate our accomplishments over the last 60 years as well as look forward...
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An Ocean of Opportunities

oil ROV Seawater is brutal on equipment. The salt, the pressure and the regular use all add up to a harsh environment that wears metal and other ROV components down quickly leading to downtime and failure. ROVs are expensive pieces of equipment and every minute of downtime means costs...
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